Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bon Appetite: The Dungeon

Okay, here me out:

So you are playing what seems to be a classic dungeon crawl.

There are stone rooms. Some doors. Some of the doors are trapped. There are some things that want to kill your characters. There are some quirky NPCs. Everyone is having a jolly time.

But something is off...

It all seems too easy. Almost as if... someone wanted you to do all of this.

Those goblins from level 1? Wasn't it too easy to push them into their own spinning blade trap?

That psychic fungus on level 3? Didn't it seem too obvious that fire would destroy it? That the journal in the room over would tell you all about how much those weird fungus guys hate fire?

Those demon cultists from level 8? Weren't they too easy to throw into that huge cauldron they were working over?

And as you enter the final room, it all becomes clear.

You played right into its hand.

All along, you were preparing the dungeon for this. All the ingredients are here. The diced goblin, the charred psychic mushrooms, the melted cultists...

The dungeon was a recipe, waiting for a group of capable chefs to work through it. And now your host is ready for its meal, its delicate palate waiting for the feast of the century, and you the chefs must finish what you started...



[Just an idea I had for a dungeon as recipe with the adventures as unwitting chefs.]

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