Sunday, October 30, 2016

Play Report: Naval Combat

The other night I got to try out some of my new and shiny rules for naval combat.

It went okay, here are some notes from my players and myself:

  • Super fun idea
  • Movement worked out okay eventually, its hard to simulate momentum and slow turning.
  • Ships too hard to sink with ramming, I think I need to give them way less health and keep ramming damage very high.
  • Hard for every player to feel involved with the combat when there are many ships, better if everyone captained their own ship.
  • Ships are still fucking tight, but hard for DnD to simulate large scale conflict, may steer players away from formal naval fights and more to like 1v1 ship duels with pirate ghosts.

Oh, also they got a ship! It's an unarmored Arsuf Longship of average make, they helped capture from a blood hungry Clan while helping their buddy Clan. Now they get to find a crew and assign a Captain and get some cargo and become traders cause who doesn't love trading simulations? (Gosh, thats a future post waiting to happen).

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